We all realize the importance of seeking the unbiased expert advice of a mortgage professional. They are able to shop the market through a number of different lenders to find the best product and terms to fit your specific situation.

So should you not also utilize the same unbiased expert advice when buying and selling a home?


There are a great many reasons why you should be using a Real Estate Professional when purchasing or selling a home. We are going to highlight a few of those reasons here.

A real estate professional……

1 Knows the market – They are local market experts and can provide you with information and insights on specific neighbourhoods and areas you are looking to buy in.

2 Are trained and experienced – they understand the process, opportunities and issues that can arise when buying or selling a home.

3 Offers price guidance – they will help you list your homes for the best possible price in the current market 


Negotiating on your behalf

4 Helps you negotiate -they will help negotiate to get not only the best possible price for your home but ensure you are getting the best terms and conditions as well. This can be advice on home inspections, financing or even home insurance. Certain other conditions to negotiate could be the closing dates or items to be included etc.

A network of professionals

A network of professionals

5 Offers professional networking – agents net work with other professionals in their industry. This can include lawyers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, movers etc. Due to legal liability they will hesitate to recommend one company over another but they can give you a list of references who they have worked with and provide you the information you will need to make a wise decision.


Marketing to other realtors and the pubic

6 Markets your property to other real estate agents and the public over 50% of all sales are normally done with another agent. This means that another agent is bringing in a buyer to possibly purchase your home. Your agent will also market your property on the Multiple Listing Service, offer open houses, use print advertising, social media etc. Basically they will get the most exposure for your property as they can.


The Right Timing

The Right Timing

7 Knows when, where and how to advertise your propertythey have different marketing programs and techniques to get the best exposure for your property. They will also prescreen and accompany anyone coming to look at your home                  

8 Understand the current market conditions they are aware of the current buying and selling conditions. Can advice if it is a buyers or sellers market. Advise you on current mortgage rates and can also provide you with a comparative market analysis. They can provide you with similar sales in your neighbourhood and for buyers they are able to give you a list of current homes within your price ranges and wants.

9 Guides you through the whole process – closings can be stressful. Your agent will guide you through it to ensure a smooth closing.

10 Answers questions even after closing – they are there even after the closing to answer any questions that may arise.

There is a current slogan stating “don’t go at it alone” – no truer words could be said when it comes to buying or selling a home. Utilize the professional services of a realtor and mortgage broker. They are there to help and guide you and ensure you are getting the best possible deal and advice for your situation. As a buyer there is usually no cost so ensure you pick a realtor you like and stay with that person.

Happy selling and buying. Use a professional and ensure the experience is enjoyable.

Eric Gall is the owner of Avanti Mortgages (operating as a mortgage specialist for TMG – The Mortgage Group Atlantic). If you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing your mortgage contact Eric or check out his website and apply online. If you are a First Time Homebuyer then get your free report here. If selling/refinancing a home get your free report here to avoid some common mistakes.