My wife is always on me about going out for a leisurely drive in this great province of ours but like most of us I always seem to come up with an excuse not to go. She finally convinced me and planned a trek for us to try.

As we all know Saturday was a gorgeous day and we set off on our travels. With the roof off, sunscreen on we headed to AW for a quick breakfast then made our way out of the city. I will say the first part of this journey tried my patience as it seemed every one who owned a car was in Moncton as I was trying to get out.

We finally made it to the Homestead road and headed out towards our adventure.

We headed up the road and made a right on Route 112 (the old short cut road going to Fredericton). We traveled up this road until we hit a sign that stated Havelock and made a left turn onto Route 880. We stayed on this road passing through Havelock and followed the Millstream river until we got to Berwick. The 880 pretty well ends here and we took a right onto highway 10. Travel up the road for a few minutes until you get to Route 870 and make a left.

The 870 will lead you through the Bellisle Creek area towards Hatfield Point. Keep following the signs to Hatfield point as it will change to the 124 at Springfield. Keep going as you are about to hit your first ferry and this part of the journey has some great views of the bay. The road ends and you drive on to a ferry. (No Charge)

Once you are across the ferry you are at Evandale and a beautiful old hotel/resort over looking the river. There is a good restaurant here with a big patio. The patio serves BBQ on the weekends and you can have the full menu inside the restaurant. The food was good and the view amazing.

This hotel was a stopping point when the old steamships use to run up the Saint  John river systems.

Once you are full head back and follow Route 102 along the river to Westfield and take the Westfield/Grandbay ferry. (again no charge)

Once you cross the river  bear left and follow this road and all the signs to Kingston and then Hampton. You should be on Route 845.

You will come to the end of the road and be facing a sign stating Norton to the left and Hampton to the right. There is a huge market here offering ice cream, local produce, meats, desserts etc. They also have an outdoor restaurant featuring sausages, fries, snitzel etc. The aromas were intoxicating. The place is called Kredls.

Once you have filled up then head towards Norton. You can follow this road until you hit Sussex and then get back on the highway and head back to Moncton the quick way.

Now this may all seem a little complicated but believe me it was easy and the scenery is fantastic. It’s a great drive and I believe it would be fantastic in the fall when the leaves are changing. It will take you a little time but it’s worth it.

We are now scouting out our next trek.

As always comments and possible route suggestions are welcome.

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